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The John and Candace Langston Fellowship

The Texas McCombs Wealth Management Center is pleased to announce the John and Candace Langston Fellowship. The Langston Fellowship is awarded to high‐achieving undergraduate business and economics (BEOP) students who are newly admitted to the Wealth Management Program.


  1. Initial admission to the McCombs Wealth Management Program (WM Minor or WM Certificate) during the fall 2022 semester or later
  2. University grade point average (GPA) of 3.50 or better
  3. Credit for FIN 357 (Business Finance) with a grade of B or better


The Langston Fellowship ($4,000) is awarded in two installments. The first installment of $1,000 is awarded upon selection for the fellowship. The second installment of $3,000 is awarded upon graduation from The University of Texas and completion of the WM Minor/Certificate Program in good standing. Students must graduate with a University GPA of 3.50 to receive the second installment. Additional awards may be available for exceptional academic performance.

Students who meet the basic criteria for consideration (requirements 1 – 3 above) should apply for the fellowship and submit a resume and cover letter to the WM Program. Admission to the Langston Fellowship Program is based on students’ overall academic record, including, but not limited to, hours and number of courses taken in residence, demonstrated interest in wealth management, and the overall University of Texas at Austin grade point average. The Langston Fellowship has a limited number of awards. Accordingly, your cover sheet and resume should highlight your interest in the wealth management industry and how you will contribute to the WM Program.


Students should apply for the fellowship online here.