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Application Requirements


For the Fall 2023 semester we will again be offering the finance elective, FIN 397 - Titans of Investing (W 4:00 – 6:30p) taught by Britt Harris.  This is an application-based course, and the application submission deadline is 11:55 p.m. on Monday, April 10, 2023. Please read the information in the sections below BEFORE you access the application.


You can access the application here.


For application information, please contact Juana Hardwick.


For Undergraduates: 

  1. FIN 357 – Business Finance and
  2. FIN 367 – Investment Management


For Graduate Students:

  1. FIN 297.1 – Investment Theory & Practice


Requirements for consideration:

  • Attend final in-person Titans 11 class on April 26, 2023 from 4:00-6:30 p.m. CT with guest speaker followed by Zoom breakout sessions at approximately 7 PM with 1-2 Titan alums as meeting hosts.
  • During this conversation, candidates can learn more about the class and ask any questions; there will be approximately 4 to 8 applicants per breakout session.
  • This session will be approximately 45 minutes and attendance is required to be considered for Titans 12. 

Class Format

Class uses a Junto model, which is designed as a society for mutual self-improvement populated by high capacity people who “do well by doing good.” This concept was first employed by Ben Franklin. - Class meets once per week for two hours to discuss key “big picture” issues in investing, finance and life using Classic Briefs written and updated by Titans. - Classic Briefs are summaries of historical/classic writings that must be less than 10 pages and communicate the book’s key message in a clear and interesting way.  

  • Week One:  Titans meet alone and discuss the material among themselves: -
    • Preparing a summary of their key lessons as well as their particular questions and observations.
    • Update various global portfolios that they are required to manage.
    • Prepare a market report on investment results and key market factors. 


  • Week Two: Britt Harris meets with the Titan group to receive their portfolio review, market updates, and key lessons on that week’s material. Harris then presents the lesson directly.
    • Following each class led by Harris, the Titans are taken to dinner at a location of their choice. The purpose is to create lifelong friendships.
    • Classic readings are taken from a proprietary list of books that all nominated by 80 leading CIO’s, investors, CEO’s, top academics, and top economists each semester.
    • As the class progresses the Titans take on incrementally more responsibility for their own teaching. 


The class will be a mix of MBA, MSF and BBA students (~20).