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Shiva Agarwal

Assistant Professor

Department:     Management

Staff Profile


Shiva Agarwal, Cameron Miller, and Martin Ganco. Growing Platforms within Platforms: How Platforms Manage the Adoption of Complementor Products in the Presence of Network Effects? Strategic Management Journal.  Forthcoming.

PK Toh and S. Agarwal. 2023. The Option Value in Complements Within Platform-Based Ecosystems. Strategic Management Journal 44 (2), 576-609.

Shiva Agarwal, and Rahul Kapoor. Value Creation Tradeoff in Business Ecosystems: Leveraging Complementarities While Managing Interdependencies. Organization Science. Forthcoming.

Rahul Kapoor and Shiva Agarwal. 2017. Sustaining Superior Performance in Business Ecosystems: Evidence from Application Software Developers in the iOS and Android Smartphone Ecosystems. Organization Science 28(3), 531-551.