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When is the 2021 Subiendo Academy?

The 2021 Subiendo Academy will either take place virtually or on the University of Texas campus in Austin from June 13-17. A decision will be made by April 1st and all accepted applicants will be notified. Students will participate in professional and leadership development programming, as well as their team's week-long project for the entirety of the academy.

Is Subiendo only for students who want to major in business at UT Austin? 

Subiendo‚Äôs is meant to inspire the next generation to take on leadership roles in any environment they choose. Subiendo Alumni attend a myriad of colleges, have a wide variety of interests, and go on to work in all industries across the globe. 

How much does it cost?

Students attend at no cost to themselves or their families.

What about travel?

If students need help traveling to Austin, the academy will coordinate round-trip airfare (RGV or El Paso) or Megabus (Houston, Dallas, San Antonio). We will need to verify students' personal information before sending their travel itinerary near the end of May. Students will be traveling with other Academy attendees, and will be met at the airport or bus station by a group of Subiendo Team Leaders welcoming them to Austin.

What can parents attend?

Parents and siblings are invited to attend the Orientation on Sunday (6/14). The Final luncheon on Thursday (6/18) is limited to two guests per student. Both will take place at the Etter-Harbin Alumni Center. A map will be sent in the final packet.

Where will students stay? How are they supervised?

Subiendo students stay in a Residence Hall on the University of Texas campus. Students are separated by gender onto different floors, and Team Leaders of the same gender will be sleeping on the same floor as the students. Students will be under supervision at all times during the academy.

What should students wear?

Students should bring 4 sets of business casual clothing and 4 sets of casual clothing for sleeping and game night. In addition, students will be given a t-shirt either before (if they are traveling) or during the Academy, as well as a polo. For traveling students, the t-shirt should be worn on the bus or plane. *It is not advised to bring heels due to excessive walking.

Are students fed during the academy?

Yes, students are fed 3 meals a day and have snacks available throughout the day. Breakfast will be served at the Jester dormitory before each day of programming begins, and students will be served lunch and dinner at different locations each day.

What if students have special dietary restrictions?

We will cater to dietary restrictions. If your students has a special dietary restriction, they should have it noted in the questionnaire they completed. If they need to check on this information, please have them contact Subiendo. 

What if I have additional questions?

Call 512-232-3348 or email