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Data Analytics

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    Gain confidence in building reliable data analyses to make projections of business intelligence and performance. Utilize the fundamental analytical tool - regression - for discovering, analyzing, and forecasting relationships. Acquire a solid understanding of the methods, using intuitive graphical approaches to explain and motivate regression and forecasting models.

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What You'll Learn

Forecasting Models

  • Discover, analyze, and forecast relationships among large data sets (“Big Data”)
  • Analyze case studies to gain a thorough consideration of the models applications and gain confidence when using data to make analyses, forecasts, and projections
  • Model customer retention rates, develop an optimal bidding strategy in a sealed bid process, hedge your firm’s revenue, or forecast future profitability of individual customers, monthly sales, or daily stock prices by charting a successful course with regression and forecasting methods
  • Random samples
  • Random walks
  • Moving averages


Regression Analytics

  • Apply regression to past relationships looking for trends, seasonal patterns, and data correlations that can predict the future reliably
  • ARIMA (Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average)
  • Regression case studies
  • Autoregression


Evaluate and Present Findings

  • Develop the acumen to competently evaluate findings and analyses presented by others
  • Interact with data executives on the topic of data-driven business intelligence


Attending this Course

  • Individuals

    This course is designed for professionals with limited to moderate knowledge of statistics who want a refresher in the tools and models in practical application.
  • Teams

    Organizations often send pairs or small teams, to support the launch of new initiatives.
  • Requirements & Credit

    There are no prerequisites for this course. Participants earn 1.4 CEUs and/or 14 CPEs for this course, as well as a certificate of completion. Our classes are available for university credit. Please contact us for more information.
Practical Even for Non-Experts
Both professors were clear, knowledgeable and kept things practical and basic enough for those of us who aren't experts. Case studies were very helpful.
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  • Thomas Sager
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    Thomas Sager

    Professor of Statistics, Information, Risk & Operations Management

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  • Thomas Shively
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    Thomas Shively

    Professor of Statistics, Information, Risk & Operations Management

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    Learn more about course credits and options for course reimbursement. Get tips on the best way to approach your manager and download a customizable template to facilitate making the ask.
  • Course Location

    In person courses take place at the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center and adjoining Rowling Hall on the UT campus in Austin. These world-class facilities provide a comfortable and convenient learning environment, with direct access to the 40 acres of campus and within walking distance of downtown Austin. Live online and on-demand course options are available for many courses.
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