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Student stands at MPA graduation ceremony

Career Outcomes

Check out where MS IT & Management students landed after they graduated from the program.

MSITM Employment Stats Are Reported Each Spring

MS Programs posts annual outcomes each year in the early spring. This report conforms to the MBA Career Services & Employer Alliance Standards for Reporting Specialty Masters Employment Statistics ©. Completion or participation in a degree program at The McCombs School of Business does not imply or guarantee employment, employment in a particular position, employment in a particular firm or company, advancement, or a specific salary.

Average Salary By Years of Professional Experience

  • $91K

    <1 Year of Experience

    % of Accepts: 41%

    MSITM Class of 2023

  • $105K

    1 - 3 Years of Experience

    % of Accepts: 33%

    MSITM Class of 2023

  • $102K

    3 - 5 Years of Experience

    % of Accepts: 22%

    MSITM Class of 2023

Average Salary By Industry

  • $106K

    Financial Services

    % of Accepts: 30%

    MSITM Class of 2023

  • $102K


    % of Accepts: 26%

    MSITM Class of 2023

  • $100K


    % of Accepts: 15%

    MSITM Class of 2023

  • $92K


    % of Accepts: 11%

    MSITM Class of 2023

Average Salary By Student Visa Status

  • $99K

    All Students

    Average Salary: $98,721 Median Salary: $99,000

    MSITM Class of 2023

  • $92K

    U.S./Permanent Residents

    Average Salary: $91,556 Median Salary: $95,000

    MSITM Class of 2023

  • $103K


    Average Salary: $102,752 Median Salary: $105,000

    MSITM Class of 2023


The Master of Science in Information Technology and Management Program responds to an industry need for careers in cutting-edge developments in information systems. The field of information technology is in some of the highest demand, and the MSITM degree prepares graduates with both the technical skills and the business acumen to help forward-thinking companies thrive. Job roles and companies hiring our graduates from our previous cohorts include:


Sample Companies Hiring MSITM GraduatesSample Roles of MSITM Graduates
Amazon Data Engineer
Charles Schwab Software Engineer
Dell Cloud Engineer
Google ML Engineer 
Oracle IT Consultant
JP Morgan Data Analyst
LinkedIn Business Analyst
Expedia Product Manager



MSITM graduate Matt Luce shares his experience in the Master of Science in IT & Management program and how it helped prepare him with the skills needed to be successful in his career.