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Research Centers

Blazing a path in research and theory.

Nothing But Quality

When it comes to the highest quality business research and theory, the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin is a leader across the nation. Strong academic departments are bolstered by preeminent research centers, which act as laboratories for the synthesis of research and application across many disciplines. And the faculty who helm these centers excel as topical experts whose work influences the practice and teaching of business.


Center for Global Business

The Center for Global Business (CBG) develops and promotes the internationalization of U.S. business education at McCombs, and in educational institutions throughout Texas.

David Platt, Director 512-471-3518

Deirdre Mendez, Assistant Director 512-471-8031

Energy Management and Innovation Center

The Energy Management and Innovation Center (EMIC) empowers leaders to more effectively manage energy demand and resources while enabling innovative technologies grounded in sound business principles.

Sheridan Titman, Executive Director 512-232-2787

John C. Butler, Academic Director 512-232-6821

Supply Chain Management Center of Excellence

The Supply Chain Management Center of Excellence (SCMC) brings together financial resources, executives from leading corporations, and faculty and students from multiple disciplines in the McCombs School of Business to develop and communicate new knowledge about supply chain management, conduct and publish research findings, facilitate the development of outstanding academic programs in supply chain management, enable “real world” problem solving for our industry partners, and encourage the development of future industry and academic leaders in this field.

Lamar Johnson, Senior Associate Director 512-468-1090

Diana Busler, Administrator 512-471-3107

Texas Venture Labs

Texas Venture Labs (TVL) is a campus-wide initiative to accelerate the rate of start-ups on its campus, offering entrepreneurs an accelerated route in bringing their innovations to market.

Venture Labs provides direct links to the entrepreneurial, business, technology and legal resources available both on the campus and in the Texas entrepreneurial eco-system

Rob Adams, Director 512-471-5289



AIM Investment Center

The AIM Investment Center (AIM) is a nexus for integrating financial research, investment education and practice at the University, bringing together financial support, information resources and intellectual capital in support of those who teach and learn, those who further knowledge in the field through research and those who use the efforts of both to enhance the practice of investment management.

Laura Starks, Director 512-471-5899

Juana Hardwick, Associate Director 512-471-6511

C. Aubrey Smith Center for Auditing Education and Research

C. Aubrey Smith Center for Auditing Education and Research promotes and improves education and research in both internal and external auditing.

Jaime Schmidt, Director 512-471-6434

Center for Business Technology and Law

The Center for Business Technology and Law (CBTL) brings together the distinct but related fields of Information Technology, Business Strategy and Law and Public Policy to study the various aspects of Electronic Commerce.

Sirkka Jarvenpaa, Co-Director 512-471-5900

Effie Gilder, Administrative Associate

Center for Customer Insight and Marketing Solutions

The Center for Customer Insight and Marketing Solutions (CCIMS) enables interaction between marketing faculty, students and industry to enhance research opportunities, academic growth, real world problem solving and student career opportunities. The focus is on developing in-depth customer insight leading to customer driven, cross functional solutions for winning in the marketplace.

Lamar Johnson, Executive Director 512-468-1090

Lori Van Orden, Administrative Director 512-232-1717

Center for Energy Finance Education & Research

The Center for Energy Finance Education & Research (CEFER) supports curriculum development in corporate finance and financial risk management applied to energy and financial commodities as well as to support faculty development and research in the Department of Finance. The Center is the focal point for the creation of the leading academic program in energy finance and financial risk management.

Ehud Ronn, Director 512-471-5853

Juana Hardwick, Assistant Director 512-471-6511

Center for Risk Management and Insurance Research

The Center for Risk Management and Insurance Research (CRMI) conducts and disseminates research relevant to the operational concerns and public policy implications of risk analysis and risk management. The mission of the Center is to be the premier independent research resource for public policy decision makers within the state of Texas for issues related to risk, its analysis and its management.

Patrick Brockett, Director 512-471-6816

Patricia Arnold, Associate Director 512-475-6728

Center for Research in Electronic Commerce

The Center for Research in Electronic Commerce (CREC) has served as an incubator for breakthrough research blending business and computer science since 1988, and is recognized today as the leading research institution in Information Systems research.

Andrew Whinston, Director 512-471-7962

EDS Trading & Technology Center

The EDS Trading & Technology Center (FTTC) supports academic activities that include classroom instruction, videoconferences, special presentation/events, data-feed workshops and simulation trading games. A focal point for finance programs at both the MBA and undergraduate level, the Center also serves as a laboratory for the creation of innovative teaching techniques applied to all levels of education.

Beverly Hadaway, Director 512-471-6628

Juana Hardwick, Assistant Director 512-471-6511

Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst Center for Private Equity

The Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst Center for Private Equity (HMTF) supports curriculum development in a private equity specialization at the McCombs School MBA program. The center also fosters research and scholarship by finance faculty and graduate students on issues related to private equity finance, capital markets, corporate finance, investments, real estate, and other associated matter.

Robert Parrino, Director 512-471-5788

Jim Nolen, Associate Director 512-471-5798

Billy Charlton, Associate Director

Herb Kelleher Center for Entrepreneurship

The Herb Kelleher Center for Entrepreneurship (Kelleher Center) introduces students to the dynamic world of new venture creation and sustainability, the Center supports research that explores how firms are created, organized and scaled and how they interact with developing technologies.

John Butler, Director 512-471-4788

Real Estate Finance and Investment Center

The Real Estate Finance and Investment Center (REFIC) supports curriculum development in real estate at the university as well as to support faculty research and faculty development in the department. The Center is the focal point for the creation of a nationally recognized real estate program.

Jay Hartzell, Director

Angela Dorsey, Assistant Director 512-232-7385